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I am a stand for women taking back their Leadership in life

Its time to take on that next level for yourself!

I am passionate about holding boundaries and communication at such a level that it is seen before we start to talk.

This level comes about as we build the muscle of leadership and truly understand ourselves and where we are playing in the world.

Being so passionate about these pieces means I care at an extra level at helping guide YOU to your next growth field. 

Giving you the support to follow the sparks in your life and take on your world with the courage to fully lead yourself into those areas that you have been avoiding playing in.

Hey Im Kali

I have worked to create a life where I truly stand up and move forward with growth and direction, and I am passionate about creating this with other women as well. A life where the sparks that light us up are the ones we follow, and we take on challenges with curiosity instead of fear!

In life I have gone through the trauma of DV and Childhood DV, and through this space became an addict. This was were I chose to do differently, deciding that the life path I had thrown myself on wasn't where I was going to end it and through time and reaching out for the guidance needed, I changed that trajectory.

Now, that story is not my fall back. I have let go of that being "ME" to own a version of me that is owning her life though it...

This is where now I am turning round and guiding women through their own journey to lead their lives into a space where they are truly owning and taking on their next level sparks with absolute flare!

My approach

Forming a plan towards the life of your dreams

1. Clear out your vision towards life

Have a clear idea of where you want to be both in the near and distant future. You need to identify the deep sources of your happiness and clearly distinguish the means from the goals. This is why you need to develop a very strong self awareness.

2. Outline your areas of improvement

After identifying your essential life goals, you need to understand which traits of yourself keep you away from achieving them. Once you do that, it will be far easier for you to form your self-development plan, focusing on improving the things that matter.

3. Review and adapt your life plan

Self-development is not a static thing, but a dynamic process. Life is changing and you will also see huge changes in yourself through your self-development process. So, you need to constantly readjust your plan to be in align with the given conditions.

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